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The Scientific Method In 5th and 6th grade

What does a human cell look like? How does our locomotor system work? Read about the experimentations in 5th and 6th grade.


Especialista d’anglès i CLIL a Cicle Superior



Especialista d’anglès i CLIL a Cicle Superior


What does a human cell look like? How does our locomotor system work? These are just some of the questions we try to answer in 5th and 6th grade through experimentation in the Science area. 

In 5th grade, we learn about living things and their characteristics and processes, but also about their composition. Hence, we focus on the concept of cell. To get a better picture of it, we carry out two experimentations following the scientific method. In the first one, students get in small groups and each of them is asked to bring some chicken eggs. After cracking the eggs, students make hypothesis and are able to see and manipulate the different parts with the aim of separating the yolk from the egg white. Finally, as you may assume, we reach a clear conclusion: an egg is the biggest representation of a single cell, as its structure keeps many similarities with a human body cell. 


In the second experimentation, we get to use some lab material: the binocular loupes. Hence, we boost students’ sense of responsibility regarding this type of sensitive equipment. The experimentation develops as follows: students take a thin layer of an onion and after making hypothesis on how they think the onion cells will look like in terms of shape, quantity and appearance, they observe them through the binocular loupe. Can they confirm their hypothesis? 


In 6th grade we have two main experimentations following the scientific method too. First, in the second term we do a chicken leg dissection to observe the main parts of the locomotor apparatus, previously studied in the class. This experiment is done in the laboratory, with two English teachers, so the students can use all the material needed and they have all the attention and guidance from us. 


The other experimentation we have in 6th grade is the comparison between physical and chemical changes. In the class, we do an introduction about matter and its properties, and we also study the two changes in matter. We watch some examples to understand better what they are and then, the students are in charge of doing one physical and chemical change at home. They have to record themselves in pairs and present it in the class, following the scientific method: material, steps, results, conclusions. 

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